17th Gala "Złote Spinacze"

Our studio became one of the 17th Gala’s “Złote Spinacze” patrons and has been invited to create the whole visual setting for the event. The main creative assumption was to make the paper clip the hero of the entire gala, following and penetrating the intro, boards of laureates, and jingles revealing individual blocks. This was the first edition in which the visual concept got a new, fresh, and colorful look.


Design & Animation: Piloci Studio
Client: ZFPR
Executive Producer: Endorfina Events
Multimedia: PRO4MEDIA


CEO/ Art Director: Hubert Kaszycki
COO: Edyta Kopytko
Production Director: Bernard Wójcik
Art Director: Patryk Zimończyk 
Head of Motion Graphics: Amadeusz Ferduła
CG Artists: Bernard Wójcik, Severyn Bartosevych, Viktoria Petkovic
Motion Graphics Artists: Patryk Zimończyk, Amadeusz Ferduła, Anna Białek, Alicja Kot
Creative Director: Adam Nyk

17th Gala "Złote Spinacze"