• Interactive Opening Sequence
    This is where the player experiences the monotony the knight feels in his everyday life. By pressing space continually until the dragon is defeated. The knight then returns home and boots up his computer to dive into his fantasy world of mail delivery!
  • The Office
  • The office environment was designed to have randomly generated clusters of cubicles. I created 8 possible cubicle directions and various unique office decorations. But due to time constraints on the programming side, we eventully decided to create the office as one large pre-positioned piece.
  • The Mailman!
    4 direction walk cycles
  • The Knight & The Dragon
  • The knight and dragon from the opening sequence were collaged from different photo elements and designed to look boring in comparison to the fast pace and brightly colored environment of the office game.
  • Here are the four colored envelope sprites, and some animations that were not implemented.
  • You can downlod the game here.