• 8th ISSF International  
    Detmold Short Film Festival
  • ISSF International Detmold Short Film Festival is an annual film festival that is done every year. Short films from all around the world are picked and screened while theatre and film workshops continue. This years aim was to create a poster series and a visual style that would  promote the city and the festivals location. The festival is done in Germany, Detmold in Hangar 21 which previously used as a plane hangar but now throughout the year it is used for all kinds of festivals. With the usage of the cities and hangars photographs and a crisp new typograpy which both looks classical and up to date the design communicates with the surrounding. The project was given by Onur Kutluoğlu and the raw photos were given by Alper Yıldırım and Levent Arslan.
  • The Cards
  • The Poster
  • The Sign System
  • The Website 
  • The ID