My objective is to capture a photographic moment with the intensity felt at the instant the shutter opened. I create a composition in my mind and then shoot until I feel I have reached my objective. It is later, when I look at the images, that I am often surprised and amazed at the results. The vast majority of details are unnoticed when the picture is taken. It is only later that the richness of the moment is revealed. This is where my intuitive response to that moment comes to fruition.

I believe in enhancing a reality, not creating a new one. Although I produce my work digitally I try to my upmost capacity not to retouch and alter the images. This series represents my work with water. These photographs have not been altered beside small adjustments in Lightroom, what you see on these photos is an exact reproduction of what I saw trough my lens at the moment of capture.

My works has been exhibited at the Consulate of Argentina in New York, and at the Cultural Center of Recoleta in Buenos Aires, amongst others. It has been sold for auction at the Explorers Club annual dinner and the Help Argentina Polo Benefit in New York.

With clients in New York, Buenos Aires, & London, prints can be shipped anywhere in the world. 

For inquiries, contact - studio (at) wildimageproject (dot) com