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Dust Records; Singularity
Inspired by Peter Saville's love of experimentation and abstract graphics.
Press Kit (Cover off)
Along with the press collaterals, saw-dust are packed in the clear acrylic kit.
At first sight, the receipent will perceive the kit as a box of saw-dust.
Outdoor Poster -
Press Booklet (36pp)

1 - Introduction
2 - Founder
3 - Company, 
Project, Band, Album and Reviews
Saddle stitched - Orange / Green / Purple
Founder Section
Information Section
Singularity Album - 
Clear Acrylic USB w Sawdust
Drilled Details

The design is inspired by compact cassettes which
are from the era of which Peter Saville grew up in.
In this era, compact discs are slowly dying out thus
a usb drive album would be more relevant today.
As the album is about being experimental.
An attempt of experiment with sawdust resulted
in the usb album design.
Album - Back
VIP Release Party Ticket -
Press Kit Poster
Press Kit (With Cover)
R&D Book
A 48pp Research & Development booklet explaining everything from
research to the choice of materials to the process of creating this project.
Peter Saville Research, Story, Identity, Event, Materials, Saw-Dust Type
Graphics, Outdoor Poster, Press Kit, Final, Sketches, Process
Thank you for viewing my project!
Dust Records; Singularity

Dust Records; Singularity

A Fictional Story, Event & Record Label for an assignment on graphic designer, Peter Saville The Press Kit explores the use of acrylic, saw-dus Read More