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Bono the Robber CatJouwe Custom by The Yellow Dino
Hi.. meet Bono, an adorable cat who enjoy acquiring stuffs, especially when its belong tosomeone else *giggles He has courage like a tiger, nothing can ever keep him from doing what he likes.One of ‘em is playing hide & seek with you. Only remember, when he hide himself,he might hid your stuffs too.
He’s not a bad guy though, he just love to play. Watching your confuzzled face exites him the most.There he goes, live his playful days. Until one day God think it’s enuff and punish him. Don’t worry,God is sincere so he kindly put a provision: each time Bono rob another stuffs, he will raise 1mm hornabove his head so that Bono will always reminded of his own mistakes. On the other hand,his horn will shrink if he’s being good.
How many milimeters has grown above Bono’s head? Guess Bono will never stoprobbering, no?….it’s okay Bono, we love you anyway. :)

You can check some w.i.p pictures at my website