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    A number of miscellaneous, smaller projects I've worked on over the course of time.
A screenshot from ""Brain Tunor Lawyer," a silly little game that I made in 48 hours for The Arbitrary Gamejam #2. Personally, I've been having some misgivings about being the dude who brought this into existence, but it actually won the Gamejam, so what do I know?
A screenshot from "RFoK: Roll Face on Keyboard," a small game I developed for a makeshift "Glorious Trainwrecks" event I held with a few friends. Warning: Depending on how often you clean your keyboard, RFoK could be a rather unsanitary experience.

Download here

Music: "Running in the 90s," by Initial D. Please don't sue me.

"All in Your Head" is a thematic, mechanic-as-metaphor project that I made in late 2012, while I was feeling depressed about my theater tech job.

Download here
I used to make a lot of screensavers with Multimedia Fusion 2, and I think that this one, "Eaty McEaterson's Busy Day," was by far the most interesting of the bunch.

Unfortunately, I can't post a download link, as the game includes tracks from more music artists than I care to contact. Also, if you spent any time with it, you might think less of me.
"Envirosprite" is a simple presentation tool I made for class, which demonstrates the relationship between the Sun, the Earth, pollution, and global warming.

Download here
A screenshot from "Equal and Opposite," the final project I made for my lackluster "Intro to Game and Simulation" class at a local community college. Players control their heroine by running, jumping, and by propelling themselves around the map with the recoil from their shotgun. The project was made under a tight deadline, and I don't think it turned out particularly well, but I've posted it here because I still think the core mechanic is kinda cool.

Download here

Music: various tracks by Fearofdark
A screenshot from "Funk Ride Beta Deluxe," a "decoy" build of Funky Truck Ascension that I made in the wee hours between midnight and three.

Download here

Music: "Duckin' A," by Les Adventures Sous La Mer, from the KIttenrock Duck Compilation