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    Trade and Promotion Plate 2011
Quaker is a famous brand for oat products and lately, the brand revolutionized oatmeal into a cookie. This is the first oatmeal cookie in the country and it has already captured a number of markets since most consumers nowadays are becoming health conscious especially in their food choices. However this healthy alternative of a cookie is still struggling to take a place in line with the rest of other cookie brands.
Since Quaker is a well-known and trusted brand that gained loyalty to consumers, the possibility of the market trying this variety of the brand is high. The campaign will include With Magazine Sampling, Direct Market Sampling and Door to Door Sampling. These methods of sampling for Quaker oats oatmeal cookies may result to stronger brand awareness and can capture a larger part of the market.
With Magazine Sampling
Directional Ad
An ad will be posted near or inside supermarkets and convenience stores. The ad will direct interested consumers to the brand's webpage where they can register to have a sampler delivered to their homes.
Website's Home page
Pop Up Windows
Brochure type Sampler