Destination: Play Starter Kit
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    A starter kit by DESTINATION: Play to aid designers in their journey out of the comfort zone.
This is the Destination: Play Starter Kit. The items included in the kit are a Guide Book, A Destination: Play Book, an Achievement Card, Disposable Camera, Never Stop Learning Poster, 8 Post it Pads and 3 Pencils! All the items here are to guide designers to move out of their comfort zone with a more playful mind set! The Post it Pads and Never Stop Learning Poster acts as Playful reminders for designers to complete their out of the comfort zone task. The activity book guides them and documents their findings while the Destination: Play Book introduces what the comfort zone is about.
A disposable camera and pencils are also included to aid designers' findings. The Achievement card pushes designers to complete mission
and gain badges!