Cross Lutheran Church // Front Entry Remodel
This project has a small scope with huge rewards. The design parameters ask for a protected covering for church visitors. Since the church faces NW, it's important to protect the harsh winter winds.
The final design proposes a structured roof with an intensive green roof and integrated lighting. The base of the covering features a stone veneer to allow for casual seating and social interaction in the front of the church.
Front entry before // The NW facing entry is cold in the winter months and in need of a space for socialization during the summer months.
Front entry after // The front portico creates a protected space for church visitors. In addition, the design features a stone clad base at sitting height while one waits for a ride or for others to arrive.
Detailed view of front entry // The roof structure will support a low-maintenance extensive roof garden. In addition, the roof structure will integrate lighting and proper drainage.