Cartoon Hut Low Poly Method
Instead of going dynamesh way, decided to create the hut using low poly methods with dynamic subdivision in zbrush. This makes it easier to handle polygroups for texturing later. Also the inner part of the hut needs to be designed as well with props.
Hut front
hut back
Hut top
Couldn't record the video from scratch as Zbrush crashed.
Door creation Video
Hut Door
Door side
Hut with door sides
starting to texture door in substance painter
door back
Door Front
There seems to be some uv overlapping, which needs to be fixed in Zbrush, the green part is merging to red
back door uvs fixed
front door uvs fixed
Imported inside iClone7 with all textures and Rendered
Door turntable in IClone 7
Hut in substance painter. I have to flip chimney's normal and rearrange poly-groups in Zbrush to texture in a better way.
Hut textured
top view

Changing texture
I think I have to further change the uv groups and divide them for each section because the wall texture is rotating all over the model as it is one group.
Changes in polygroups to have more control over textures.
Now I can rotate each texture layer for different polygroups.
Roof and wall still needs more polygroup cross sections
Roof polygroup needs fixing as rotation is going haywire.
Chimney looks oK now.
New sections added to roof and wall polygroups, to give even further control.
Side view of the hut with new polygroups.
Now the walls look fine.
Texturing is done, now going to test it in iClone 7.
Imported inside iClone
Hut with tree textures
Cartoon Hut Low Poly Method

Cartoon Hut Low Poly Method