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Php / Javascript / PDO 

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Main Activity

Main Activity Screen - Signup

Signup Success

Auto Response Email From Website With Login Details
Response may go to Inbox or Junk Folder

Main Activity

Download App Feature
App Hosted on Google Play

Main Activity Navbar Dropdown Menu Categories
Electronics Category Chosen

Electronics Category

Sub Category Mobile Chosen

Dynamic Slider Changing

Dynamic Slider Change Complete

Add to Cart Button Clicked on Product While Not Logged In

View Product Button Clicked on Another Product

Individual Product View

Sharing With Social Media Button Options

Add to Cart From Product View Screen

Main Activity Screen Two Products in Cart

The Two Products in the Database "cart" Table

Login With Details Received in Email

Login Success

Signed in Visually Confirmed to the User With Email Appearing in Header

On Signin System Removes Orders From Database "cart" Table 
for That User

The System Adds Those Products to the Database "user_cart" Table with Users ID Credentials in the form of IP Address and User ID

With User Now Logged in They Can Draw the Cursor or Finger Over Their Email Address and From the Pop Up Modal They can Again Draw Down the Options to the Change Password Option

User Can Enter the Password That Was Emailed to Them in the Auto Response and Then Choose a New Password for Their Account

Password Changed Successfully

Re-Directed Back to Change Password Screen

Cart Button Pressed to See Cart Contents

Cart Screen Checkout Button Clicked

Checkout Page

Cash on Delivery Button Clicked

System Received Order Success

Order Submission Redirects User to My Orders Screen

On Order Submission Products That Where Chosen by That User That Where Stored in the Database "user_cart" Table Are Deleted

Cash on Delivery Option Adds Those Products Chosen by User to the 
Database "payment" Table

Bill Emailed to User For First Order with Discount Applied and Payable Amount Rounded to Two Decimal Places

Bill Emailed to User For Second Order Which Has no Discount and so That is Not Displayed or Applied

Admin Option Available to Administrator Only

Admin Menu - View All Categories

Admin Menu - View All Sub Categories

Admin Menu - Add New Products

Admin View All Products

Admin Menu - View All Products
Edit Option on Product LED Bulbs Chosen

Edit Product LED Bulbs - Update Product Discount Option 20 Input as Percent to be Discounted

20% Discount Applied to Product on User Side of System

Admin Menu - View All Products
Edit Option on Product Beige Scarf Chosen

Edit Product Beige Scarf - Update Quantity Changed to Zero to Reflect None in Stock

Zero Stock for Beige Scarf Shown on User Side of System

Buttons Unresponsive to User Clicking and Show Value of "Out of Stock" While Turning Red if User Draws Cursor Over Them or Clicks

Admin Menu - View All Discount Products
Shows All Products Currently Discounted on the Site With Options to Edit

Admin Menu - View All Out Of Stock Products
Shows All Products Out of Stock on the Site With Options to Edit

Admin Menu - Edit Image Slider

Admin Menu - Index Option
Takes Administrator Back to Main Page on User Side of System

User Journey Complete Thank You for Watching
Power Store

Power Store

A Php / Javascript / PDO system built utilising the Visual Studio Code Editor and Android Studio for the adjoining App which is hosted on Google Read More