Systems Design - Elderly User Group • 2 • Wireframes

Diploma Project • MIT Institute of Design & Elephant Design + Strategy
PART 2 - Research on current system technologies / wireframing / creating mock navigations.
System Maps
To Understand some existing systems and creating mind maps using them as guidelines - 
These helped me define some possible areas where the design of a system would benefit the older Indian users.

To also have a look at the entire research process & documentation, please do visit the following link-
Final Application Wireframes for an INTERACTIVE TELEVISION INTERFACE.
The final application of the project was as a TELEVISION INTERFACE which could be controlled by a basic remote control. The navigation wireframes were created around the usage of the number keys, arrow keys & the secondary alphabetical keypad present in the latest Remote Controls.
The various reasons why an Interactive Television Application was created are listed below:
1. Relaxation / Entertainment / Companionship. I t is the most important factor for elders as a television viewing motive.The motive items that make him/her see television as relaxation medium and items about televisions meeting his/her needs and being his/her friends make up the first factor.Elderly think relaxation, companionship and entertainment must be combined. 
2. Information / Interpersonal Utility / Surveillance. This consists of retrieving information, interpersonal utility and surveillance .
3. Escape Social Interaction. Escape is a factor that is always seen in studies about television viewing motives as it meets the desire to be alone.
4. The simplest, Interactivity with a TV set is very common, starting with the use of the remote control to enable channel surfing behaviors, and evolving to include video-on-demand, VCR-like pause, rewind, and fast forward, and DVRs, commercial skipping ,etc.
5. Interactive TV is often described by clever marketing gurus as lean back interaction, as users are typically relaxing in the living room environment with a remote control in one hand. This is a very simplistic definition of interactive television that is less and less descriptive of interactive television services that are in various stages of market introduction.
6. This is in contrast to the similarly slick marketing devised descriptor of personal computer-oriented “lean forward” experience of a keyboard, mouse and monitor.
Systems Design - Elderly User Group • 2 • Wireframes

Systems Design - Elderly User Group • 2 • Wireframes

Systems Design for an Elderly User Group • 2 • Wireframing / Application research