This advertising campaign was created to support the changes in Moscow transport system. Now it has 4 types of tickets: Edinyi ("All inclusive") card, TAT card (for trolleybus-autobus-tram), 90 minutes (if your trip fits 90 minutes and you can change the transport as you want) and Troyka (digital card that unites all the features of others; the most innovative one). 
The campaign was more educational to explain people the befefits of the new system. The tickets have nice-looking and modern design to give passengers pleasure in everyday usage. "Troyka" was obviously inspired by London's Oyster and gives the same opportunities. 
Line: Love&Ride 
(the line is reinvented old russin idiom that's why it was remembered and loved by so many people) 
From 2nd April of 2013. Choose the ticket that fits perfectly you. 
All the city in 90 minutes
(poster for "90 min" travel card)
One for all
(poster for Single travel card. The quote from russian movie "The Tree Musketeers" after Alexander Dumas)
We're carrying cat
(the line for on surface transport card. The quote from very famous poem for kids. The refrain of the poem repeats the name of the card (TAT)). 
The card you waited for. 
(for the digital card called Troyka that unites all the features of other cards). 
"90 minutes" ticket card is for those passengers who travel combining different types of transport. The last change should fit in 90 minutes since the first checkin.
This commercial is about the new tickets overall. Choose which one fits you the best.
Troyka is the innovative digital card. It counts the best tariff for you itself. Troyka lets you to pay put a bike rent or car parking. Aeroexpress and other features are planned.
Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi Russia 
Design team: Sergey Sidorov, Vlad Boerean, Natasha Matsievskaya
Creative team: CD Stuart Robinson, AD Yuri Polonski, CW Tanya Moseeva
Account team: Alex Shifrin, Ilona Ivanova
Producer: Medea Arshba
"Troyka-2" TVC
Production: Hype
Producer: Alexey Yakubenko
Director: Roman Zhirnykh
Composer: Max Kouznichenkov