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Harrison Rebrand
Harrison Communications Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of McCann Worldgroup Philippines. Harrison is focused on innovation or developing creative communications that make lives of Filipinos better. Harrison has expertise in traditional advertising disciplines as well as non traditional design and visual communications.
Harrison commissioned Plus63 to redesign their identity based on the new direction they wanted to take. We presented 3 ideas and then moved from there. Their favorite was the "wayfinding" idea. Wayfinding is what ad agencies do for their clients. They make sure they're going to the right direction with their brand. 
The inspiration board. Rockets, Road Signs / wayfinding signs and a compass.
Fearless and never going to play it safe, Harrison will lead the way in creating exciting and innovative possibilities that engage people. 
Harrison embraces the thrill of exploring new territories of experience.
The "H" Wayfinder
The old Harrison logo on the left, the new one on the right
The "H" in different angles
The logo mark can also be used as a graphic element together with other executions of the mark.
Horizontal  & Vertical Logo Lockups
Application of the logo mark if ever Harrison decides to expand in other cities. :)
Color swatches and typeface used
Harrison's 5 princples
The 5 principles visualized with illustrations.
Envelope and Stationeries
Business Card backside pattern
Both sides of the card
A different angle of the printed materials.
From Destroying the Box to Serial Innovators
Identification card
Label applications for different materials. We based the pinched bubble from the logo mark.
Recommended photos are black and white to make the mark stand out.
Photos were only used for presentation purposes.
Powerpoint /Keynote pesentation templates
Harrison Communications

Harrison Communications

A redesign our studio did for Harrison Communications, a locally owned Subsidiary of McCann-Erickson Philippines. They haven't formally launched Read More
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