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    Client: Den Sorte Skole Date: 2013 Assignment: Album cover
Lektion III

Client: Den Sorte Skole
Date: 2013
Assignment: Album cover
Lektion III is the third album release by the Copenhagen based DJ-collective Den Sorte Skole (The Black School).
A fine example of turntablism on the highest level, Lektion III is a 90 minutes long musical composition, seamlessly mixed together from more than 10.000 individual samples from 250 different vinyl records, originating from 51 different countries, across six continents.
Trying to translate the vast complexity of Lektion III into any kind of figurative motif or illustration, would only result in a deficient and inferior representation. So the triple-gatefold album cover is simply black. Black like the vinyl records the music is created from, black like the gloomy mood of the melodies –and black like Den Sorte Skole itself. The included 40-page booklet is tightly set with words and numbers, printed in all black ink, offering comprehensive background information and history about the musical work.
Lektion III is released on 3xLP and 2xCD in a limited and numbered edition of 1500, and is also available for free download from Den Sorte Skole's website.