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Explainer video for a food tech startup
Animated explainer video
for a foodtech startup

Pilotworks is a national shared commercial kitchen and coworking space with locations in Brooklyn, Newark, Dallas, and Chicago

It’s some kind of culinary incubator following a simple mission statement:
to help people start real food businesses


Their mission is to change the landscape of the food industry,
helping aspiring food entrepreneurs launch and succeed


It was very exciting for us to work on this project, starting with developing an idea for a storyboard, then choosing a trendy style
for character illustrations

But most of all, we get high working on animation :)
We are happy to know that by doing what we love, we also help startups tell stories, increase conversions on the site, and win new customers!


At XPLAI, we help businesses deliver complex messages in a simple way
through explainer videos, infographics, illustration and animation

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Explainer video for a food tech startup