This is a map of Sheffield's (uk)  locations that breed, inspire creativity. Galleries, art book shops, craft shops, workshops, theatres.

It has a lovely clean simplicity to it that lets you focus in on the colours / numbers for the key and even though it is large you can fold away and pocket it. Great for a creative tourist. Might be limited with its geographic landmarks to contextualises where abouts these places are but with the again organised simple, alphabetised, postcodes, addresses and websites on the back to type into your gps enabled phone it recovers in its accessibility and functional level.

I made it into a google interactive map (see below) and you can switch between street view and the customised view and it works on a mobile so can be used for sat nav (at least for android, not tired iphone).

Inspired by Laura Mansfield's manchester map.
customised google map
quote interactivity.
the key to the map giving you more details of postcodes, addresses, website.