Bulletpunk: Pirated [Evangelion] Unit 01 Custom Munny
Bulletpunk: Pirated [Evangelion] Unit 01
Platform: 7" Munny
Materials used: Epoxy Putty, Tamiya Pla Plates, Acrylic Paints and Mr.Hobby & Tamiya Paints
This custom 8" Munny is my tribute work to the Japanese Pop Culture Icon: Neon Genesis Evangelion.

My challenge for this specific design was to make this custom munny look as true to the anime's Unit 01 mech / monster as much as I can without taking out the signature cute chubby aspect that the Kidrobot Munny is known for, and of course my own Bulletpunk style to all of it.

Here's a quick rundown of how i built the initial sculpt:
Removed the Munny Ears and replaced it with Tamiya Pla Plates, sandpapered to a smooth finish.
Sketched my base plan for the entire custom.
I started adding Pla Plates on the helm as the base support for the epoxy putty
Initial application of Epoxy Putty. Looks bad at this stage haha!
Complete sculpted parts, with initial sanding to highight the details.
Final sculpt, with secondary sanding stage.
I Hand Sculpted the custom parts using Tamiya Pla Plates as base support and then sculpted my way using epoxy putty. I Hyper-extended the arms outwards to make space for the Unit 01's signature shoulder blades. I also hand-sculpted the custom Progressive Knife it holds, using a cut-out pla plate as its base shape and a shortened wodden pencil as its handle, then shaped the epoxy putty around it for the final form.
Final Sanding, to smoothen out the surfaces and sharpen the parts with edges.
Primed in Ironlak Aspen White, works like a charm since it colors solid on a thin application!
Tedious amounts of masking, waiting to dry, and masking some more.
Final Body color finish, using 3 kinds of metallic paint: Metallic Blue, Metallic Violet, and finally half-pressed Metallic Pink to give that candy effect to the final finish.
Finishing detials using Tamiya and Mr. Hobby Paints. Mr.Hobby Flouruscent Green is AWESOME!
The Final Form! Crappy Iphone Cam Version :D

I used different metallic paints to achieve the blue-violet-pink hues to the finish, and Mr.Hobby's super flourescent green enamel-based paint for the signature neon green detailings that really pop out even on low-quality cameras.  
Here are the photos of my finished custom! Proper Studio Shot Version, via my talented Photographer friend Dodong dela Cruz :)
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