Project Date: November 2019
"Docly", Where customer service agents book doctor’s appointments over the phone.
A User Flow for New Appointment

Project Details 
Detailed Process coming soon!

Private physicians, dentists, and group medical offices have often been working with Company Co. to help with scheduling appointments for patients. Company Co. has a large group of customer service agents that use a variety of tools, depending on the doctor’s office, to manage the task of scheduling appointments. They are responsible for matching availability and patient requests. 

A single customer service agent often is responsible for 5-15 different doctor’s offices, located throughout the country. Their goal is to handle booking and rebooking appointments efficiently and in a friendly manner, including handling new patient intake, validating insurance information, and making reminder phone calls. 

Customer Service Agents Persona

- Part-time, working from home
- Does not work normal shifts, signs on periodically and from multiple types of devices
- College graduate
- Familiar with collaborative communication tools (e.g., Slack, Skype for Business, Telegram)


- Financial bonus for meeting high customer satisfaction 
- Reducing manual, repetitive work 
- Autonomy 


- Juggling last minute scheduling changes, by patients and doctors
- Managing patients and physicians who are unhappy with scheduling changes (by 
patients or physicians)
- Handling issues created by other customer service agents 

Information about company 

- Works with private and group medical and dental practices throughout the U.S. 
- 65% of doctors are located in NY, CA, FL, TX
- Employs 486 customer service agents located throughout the U.S.

Primary KPI: 
- Revenue

Other KPI: 
- Appointments booked per agent
- Average call duration 
- Customer satisfaction rate 
- Customer review / total customer calls 
- Customer service agents are paid an hourly rate, but bonuses are paid based on 
achieving customer satisfaction rates above a certain threshold




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