adidas SolarDrive is the all-round running shoe for the great majority of runners who are after a simple solution for their every-day running. The shoe integrates a set of 4 cutting-edge materials and technologies that delivers everything the technical runner needs. SolarDrive is a balanced and complete shoe that covers comfort, cushioning, stability and durability.

Exploring this idea of “perfect balance”, we created an installation that places SolarDrive in a delicately balanced physical sculpture with arms holding objects that visually represent the 4 key benefits of the product.

Also, we designed a modular visual identity inspired in the design grids that convey the sense of precision and visible process. The graphic system works as a flexible container for product, running photography and message. The whole visual world resulted in a a set of brand assets that enable easy implementation by all of adidas’ markets around the globe.

Strategy: Brand Articulations
Agency: Studio Lore
Director & 3D artist: Diego Diapolo
CGI support: Juan Coria, Mateo Vallejo, Carolina L'Avena
Music/sound: Zelig Sound
Photographer: Ben Clement
Production company: 24 Productions

Role ⟶ Art direction and design

adidas SolarDrive