Murals 2018-2019

I drew this wall with a lot of great details as a sign of my respect for the artist Pieter Bruegel de Older, the largest exhibition of works which took place in Vienna at the same time that I created this work.
This wall was realized in collaboration with and Christian Sowieso .
Location: Room for Art, Culture and Communication KunstBOGEN, Vienna.

Original size: 9,3 x 5,1 m, Vienna, Austria, 2018.

Progressive Technology in Your Hands

I created this artwork specially for project "ToWORD 2030: What are you doing?" in Turin.
Seventeen artists from different countries participate in the project. Everyone creates a big artwork on one of seventeen special topics. Those masterpieces will be all strictly related to the 17 goals of Sustainable development and the whole project was sponsored by Lavazza. The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice.

My topic was “Industry, innovation, infrastructure”.

Original size: 7x15 m, Turin, Italy, 2019.

Born to Crawn

This wall painting at gallery (Yusdal, Sweden) was created especially for "Hit & Run" project.

The graphics is based on a well-known Russian phrase “Born to crawn cannot fly” that has already become idiomatic. We say so with some disdain about the people who are down to earth, not capable of any risky business, who are content with very little in life.
I took the liberty of reinterpreting this expression with brushes and paint and looking at the question from different sides. Luckily, the principle does not always work and different scenarios are possible. There are examples of those who were born to fly, have everything they need and even more: the best wings, beautiful appearance, successful parents, but at the same time crawling all their lives without ever trying to fly. At the same time, there are those who seem to be completely deprived and have no chance to take off, but at the same time find the courage and strength not only to try, but also to soar high in the sky!

Original size: 1,8x2,5 m, Ljusdal, Sweden, 2019.

To Draw or Not to Draw

My work at Europe’s largest street and graffiti festival "Upfest" in Bristol.

Original size: 2,6 x 2,6 m, Bristol, United Kingdom, 2018.

Bread and circuses

This artwork created in Berlin special for international project "Dasministerium".
This expression was created more than two thousand years ago. It is still actual today, just the quantity of meals has increased and shows have become more spectacular.

Original size: 6,5x3 m, Berlin, Germany, 2019.

Devolution Theory

Darwin’s theory is well known. It is not proved and it causes many arguments. The theory was created long time ago, and humankind has changed a lot since then. Technology shot up, but we did not put it to good use. To my mind, there is almost no evolution, no growth in terms of personal development, moral values and relationship either locally or globally. It is reasonable to think over whether we go around in a circle, whether we degrade or not. Don’t we travel the path that is opposite to the Darwin’s one? Yes, it is unlikely that visually a human being will turn into a primate. But in terms of behavior, treatment of the others, and intellect (much more developed than the primate’s one) employment, humankind I dare say loses. It is easy to become an ape that is not able to read but claims to be a professor of literature; on the other hand, it is not an easy task to make it on to an individual.

Original size: 6x3 m, Minsk, Belarus, 2018.

Minsk's Cat

Street art for the Belarusian project "Minski Cat".

Nowadays people spend a lot of time using mobile phones, computers, sitting on social media. Even they can’t walk on the street without having their smartphones in hands. With this work I wanted to remind all people that world is so big and deep. It is enough to take your mind off the phone and look around.

Original size: 2,5 x 3,5 m, Minsk, Belarus, 2017.
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Murals 2018-2019

Murals 2018-2019

I represent to you my artworks on the walls, murals that I drew for international projects in different countries. all artworks was created in pe Read More