Migrate from a one-man-band brand to a family business can be tricky.
The Hernรกndez family, a colombian architecture & building family business
needed to create a powerful and flexile brand thatย becomes aspirational to
their high-end target: people wanting toย build a luxury custom house; in the
other hand, the Hernรกndez family wanted to create a new target: the medical
corporative business people.

Create the brand strategy
Createย flexible and powerful visual brand assets that don't put limits
on the future's brand communications and interactions.

The Big Idea (s)
4Hรกbitat, as designers and builders of customย linespaces,ย can't use a
previously designed font forย their naming: they need aย brand new
typographic composition starting from hand made sketches.
As a family business, we needed to deeply research about the
nowadays familyย valuesย and history.
Agency: Social Live
Project: Branding
Art directionย |ย Graphic design | Strategy: David Espinosa
4Habitat Brand Work

4Habitat Brand Work

What can a family business means to... the business in itself? The Hernรกndez family will tell you. 4Hรกbitat is a 10 years experienced architectur Read More


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