Fruit Punch | Exhibition Design
Exhibition & Signage
Tons of deformed fruits and veggies are discarded every day because they don't meet cosmetic standards.

Fruit Punch is a social project by creative studio The Lab Saigon that reinterprets these ugly fruits through a graphic design exhibition and social gathering. The goal? To celebrate beauty in imperfections. And have pun in the process.
The graphic are created from custom fruit-shaped halftones to represent the idea of imperfection. The gap between each “pixel” renders the shape imperfect. Our choice of risograph printing are also in line with our goals for each print came out slightly different from all others. ​​​​​​​

Also, each poster has an intentional typo. Did you spot them?
Turning "ewwws" into "awwws".
The social event brought together art prints, environmental and motion graphics, live DJ music and visuals, and old school interactive games from the 80s like claw machines and twister, all delivered through psychedelic fruit-inspired graphic design. The spatial design conjures a supermarket-gallery using colorful fruit delivery crates, and carton boxes.​​​​​​​
Fruit stickers and mesh bag-inspired uniform.
AR Filters
Attendees are given an ugly fruit to eat and plant. We contact them when their seed germinates. 
Creative Director & Copywriter: Tuan Le
Graphic Designers: Ngoc Vo, Jay Vu, Tu Le
Spatial Designer: Hung Le
AR Filter Creator: Ivy Vo 

Producer: Hanh Le
Account Director: Phuong Anh Nguyen
Account Manager: Huyen Vo
Account Executive: Khoa Do
Photography: Tu Le, Thu Trinh, Ludovic Tran

Music: ChjuLjnh, Le Vi, Larria
DJ Animation: Callimotion
Risograph: Wedogood

Special thanks:
Ngoc Pham, Naomi Nguyen, Ly Tong, Felix Ng, Chloe Dinh and our friends!
Bacardi Breezer for sponsoring the event.
Fruit Punch | Exhibition Design