The Inter+section Series is a labor of love.
I first started shooting these crosses in 2002 while living in Cape Town. After noticing a number of roadside crosses on the West Coast Road (en route to a shoot) my curiosity was pricked… I couldn’t help but return a few days later to document them. To this day I am still intrigued by these icons of monuments of disaster.
It took me a few years to decide how I could document them in such a way as to portray something significant. I finally resolved to name each photographed cross by its GPS co-ordinate – bringing the longitude and latitude lines in to form yet another cross. It was too personal to name the cross after the deceased it stood in memory of. And it was too impersonal to merely label it as a road number and a numeral in a list of total crosses photographed.
Giving the cross its precise location within the world map, gives it greater value.