Codec Pro - The Workhorse Sans with two free weights

Codec Pro is the newest incarnation of the Codec family, developed in 2017 by Francesco Canovaro, Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli as a research on the subtleties and the variations of the geometric sans-serif. 

The original typeface has been completely redesigned and expanded to feature a wide range of eleven weights, from the hairline thin to the bulky fat, while the character set has been extended to include not only latin, cyrillic and greek but also
arabic scripts, designed with the help of Rania Azmi.

A veritable swiss-knife for the designer, Codec Pro also includes a wide range of alternates and stylistic sets that cover all the subfamilies and the moods of the original type system. Stylistic sets come alive with funky ligatures and stretch characters horizontally for a dynamic, unexpected effect.

Download the two completely free weights and enjoy
the introductory offer 83% off  on Myfonts by visiting the url:

Download the two completely free weights 
and enjoy the introductory offer 83% off  
on Myfonts by visiting the url:

Codec Pro - The Workhorse Sans with two free weights