Motion showreel/ Miritte Ben Yitzchak
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I am a Bristol-based 2D motion graphics animator and designer, and particularly passionate about projects for social and environmental causes.
I have 20 years experience in both agency work and working directly with clients, and have recently created leading viral animations narrated by keira Knightley and Naomie Harris, and scored by Brian Eno.

Design and animation - Miritte Ben Yitzchak:
00:00 - Self promotion GIF
00:04 - New Year's card
00:08 - Seeing Stars explainer/ with Changing Markets Foundation
00:12 - Ping! explainer/ with Omni Productions
00:17 - Roll Up Roll Up, Mr. Chops!
00:21 - Workshop videos /with Inclusive Research Collective (IRC) at the University of Bristol
00:26 - Not a Dry Eye
00:30 - Stay Strong and Be Safe
00:35 - Penfriend intro video
00:37 - Support the Strikers series
00:41 - Bottles to Clothes explainer/ with Changing Markets Foundation
00:44 - Character animation
00:46 - Self promotion GIF
00:50 - Made in Britain project

Comic Hero - Silent Film Light by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (
Motion showreel


Motion showreel

Motion graphics showreel 2021/ Miritte Ben Yitzchak


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