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    Some random retouching done for a telecom client by Unisono alumni Edvin Puzinkevich. Masterful.
Part of an advertising campaign pitch Unisono delivered as part of Viva's year long agency 'review'
Viva campaign illustration Unisono delivered for an advertising campaign for their new friends rates
Thumbs campaign done by Unisono's Bahrain office for Viva's Blackberry campaign. Thumbthing quite spectacular we think you might find!
Last part of a multi-phase integrated launch campaign for Bahrain's Viva telecom. Unisono's team in Bahrain making a definite impact on the advertising standards of the country and the GCC!
Follow up to the Thumbs campaign that went unused - why? Who knows. Could have been a great advertising campaign which we felt sure Bahrian would have loved. 
Another unused concept for Viva which aimed to get Bahrain's prepaid sim cards working harder for their money - loverly advertising campaign by Unisono's team. 
Another illustration for the same advertising campaign. Bahrain missed out on this one.