Orgoglio Pinguino - Penguins popped up among us!
Penguins hall of fame
We are cool, don't mess with us!
Re[tro]volver Checkers player

Don't mess with me, my powerful revolver is aimed on you.
Type me (w)RIGHT! <(") Wonderland

The queen of spades drops a deuce Du(e) to a Demon - Checkmate!

PenGuitar - Sounds good

The true story of a penguin who played a serenade to a fire extinguisher.
'...un estintore fa sempre comodo'
San Valentino 2013 Saint Valentine - Feed the fire
Marry Xmas Maya 2012
Merry Christmas 2012 to everyone!
Pigguin ... or whatever you want!!!
Following the rain over a skate, the pig freedom domain
Romance under the moonlight - Both forever
Penguins under the moonlight - A clumsy romance
Hypno penguin
I think he's working on the pink elephant, but only just because it is pinky.
Prove it!
C'est ci ne pas une pipe
Photography by Elvert Barnes - Skate Template by Nunosk8