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Centre for French baroque music - Brand design
Centre for French
baroque music - Versailles
Promoting French music of the 17th and 18th centuries
The Centre de musique baroque de Versailles (CMBV) is a unique institution in the world. Its mission is to rediscover and enhance the value of 17th and 18th century French music. Training (master's degree of 150 students), research (scientific publications and organisation of conferences), production of shows and resource centre, the CMBV covers all the fields necessary to promote French Baroque music.
Our mission was to review the visual identity of the Center, in order to modernize and make consistent all communication media. An opportunity for us to discover a living, contemporary and unique institution, animated by eclectic and passionate personalities. It was thus important to us to express the feeling of obvious modernity that this beautiful institution has inspired us.
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The logotype

The logo is the meeting between the symbol of the "Sun King" and the vibration of the music. It works like a sonographer. The rays come to life, they react to the intensity and frequency of sound. The sign is alive and becomes a graphic interpretation of the music played. It is the visual translation of the brand promise to "make baroque music shine".

The colors

The colorimetric chart has been designed to meet the specific communication needs of the different entities that define the structure. Thus, each section uses specific graphic and colorimetric rules, while being located in the graphic environment of the Centre de Musique Baroque. It is thus possible to meet the communication needs inherent to each entity while respecting the overall consistency.
Typographical contrast

Two typographies are defined, in order to evoke both the baroque universe and the institution's modernity.
The Hermes (Lineto), round and thin, is used in paragraph texts. Its thin structure also echoes the design of the logo. It relies on a more generous typography, made of downstrokes and upstrokes (Dala Moa, Commercial Type), used in titles.
Cercle Rameau

The Cercle Rameau is the name of the club of partners of the Centre de musique baroque.
A specific visual identity has been designed, in line with the new graphic charter.
Brochures for the Cercle Rameau are published every year.
The website of the CMBV has been completely reviewed by Supersoniks.
Centre for French baroque music - Brand design


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Centre for French baroque music - Brand design

Centre for French baroque music - Versailles To make French music of the 17th and 18th centuries shine The Centre de musique baroque de Versaill Read More