• 40 ONE

    Over the last year at Cero Design we have been exploring the possibilities of interactive magazines to create the tool bütton, that allows you to create it from InDesign. 40One is a concept magazine result of this visual and technical exploration of the interactive editorial media.
    40 ONE is a magazine specialized in downhill biking and w
    e created system where the letters and images would always have a playfull descending role to fit with their concept about downhill biking.
    We developed the magazine thinking in the nature of the media. An interactive  magazine offer you unlimited space to play with images and typographies but insteed is not advisable use large blocks text. In result we have much more headlines and a bigger presence of images. Also use the animations without disturbing the presence of the content creates something that fits with the own nature of the media.
    This proposal was done with the material from 40ONE magazine during my work
    at Cero Design, all rights belong to the authors.
    Do it with bütton!

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