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Pahatid Po! Advocacy for the Children of Matnog
Pahatid Po! is a mock organization for charitable causes. Its main project is a call-to-action website, equipped with fillable dynamic forms, online donations and petitions, with social marketing campaign for its advocacy about the situation of the youth in Matnog, Sorsogon.

Important Note: Most information here about the situation of Matnog have been exaggerated to almost fictional. Please do not take the data to heart. 🙏

Role: Graphic designer, Copywriter

Pahatid Po! has a main symbol of rugged feet, which represents Sorsogon’s most pronounced issue: children walking long, rocky, muddy distances to school barefooted. The term “pahatid po” is a Filipino term for “please escort me” or “please accompany me”. 

With the color yellow symbolising youth and optimism, Pahatid Po! has a tagline “Ihatid natin ang kinabukasan ng Matnog!” or delivering the Matnog youth to a brighter future. The feet in the logo form the two Ps in the name.

Pahatid Po! has a rugged graphics to represent the situation in Matnog, Sorsogon, with yellow as the main color to balance out by showing youth, optimism and happiness.

Warm, Friendly, Strong, Kind, Optimist, Determined

Words or phrases to describe Pahatid Po!:
–Kindness, optimism, advocacy, campaign, volunteer, youth
–“Nothing is stronger than the heart of a volunteer”
–Social awareness campaign

Pahatid Po! charity shirts with its tagline and the map of Matnog, Sorsogon. It also has a design where a pair of feet positioned in the chest area (heart) walks to the back of the shirt where the map of the province is.

The advocacy posters have the three items that Pahatid Po! asks the public donations for: books, bags, and shoes. The posters are in black and white to highlight these items in the posters. The posters are also meant to compare the situations in the city and in provinces.

Organization Objectives:
• To be a platform to raise social concerns of remote regions (e.g. remote place in Sorsogon)
• To be an accessible platform for fundraising, petition signing, donations and volunteer programs
• To act as a medium for connecting volunteers with similar advocacies

Social Media Posts

Post 1 caption:
The youth population of Matnog has tripled over the last year, and the resources that could've helped in giving them quality education could not keep up with their rapid growth.

You can help them. As simple as purchasing a single item will help one child in need. Every item purchased (a bag, a pair of shoes, or a book set) will be given directly to the children of Matnog, Sorsogon.

Purchase an item at
Post 2 caption:
This is Alon and Zeus. One wants to be an actor in a comedy film, and the other aspires to be a police. Both were raised in a farm, where they're often seen collecting dried palays and wielding them like a sword, as they walk over a mile everyday to school.

Know more stories like Alon and Zeus's and be inspired by the children of Matnog with how they show hope and optimism in everything they do.


Post 3 caption:
Lack of books slowed education process. Lack of roads prevented easy and safe treks to school. Lack of school bags and supplies resulted to inconvenience in learning.

The municipality of Matnog for over 35 years, with all its existing laws and programs regarding local education, has been contented with what it could provide, but the increasing numbers of unfinished basic education should be something to be concerned about.

You can be part of the needed change for the children to get the education they need.

Sign the petition now at
Post 4 caption:
For over 35 years, Matnog, Sorsogon has undergone extreme cases of academic dropout as the lack of resources kept the youth from getting quality education.

Lack of books hinders education process. Lack of roads results to unsafe and difficult journeys to school. Lack of school bags and supplies results to inconvenience in learning.

Know what you can do to help at

Post 5 caption:
Pahatid Po! has 3 visions for the children of Matnog:

1. To eliminate child labor and provide decent works to parents
2. To provide excellent education to children and knowledge of their diverse culture
3. To uphold safety of children and their freedom to play and live a child's life

You can be part of changing the lives of the children in Matnog, Sorsogon. Take part of the role to help them achieve the education, enlightenment and justice that has been out of their reach. Ihatid natin ang kinabukasan ng Matnog!

Learn more at
Pahatid Po! Advocacy for the Children of Matnog


Pahatid Po! Advocacy for the Children of Matnog

Website for an advocacy - dummy advocacy website with petition signing and registration.