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Batter & Cream – Baking and Cake Decorating Class

Batter & Cream is a mock organization that offers baking classes. It has a dummy website with a fillable dynamic registration form for each class it offers. The branding of Batter & Cream gives soft and light visuals and illustration type of graphic style to represent the fun class experience it has for its students.

Visit the site here.

Role: Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Web Developer
The logo of Batter & Cream is an illustrated emblem to give a classic baking class feel. The whisk and the bowl form a letter "b" and "c" in the logo. Colors are shades of the peach color to emphasize the soft and rich batter and sweet cream.

The font for the typography is IM FELL DW Pica SC to give a writing texture with an academic feel, and an occasional Homemade Apple to balance it out and give a feeling of writing with an icing cream. The main style of its graphic design are rugged-edged visuals and illustrations to give a homemade baking vibe.

Warm, Friendly, Instructional, Sweet, Fun

• To teach locals how to bake different types of cake
• To give a more affordable opportunity for locals to try cake baking and decorating as hobby
• To remind people of the value of celebrating every achievements

Words or Phrases to describe Batter & Cream:
–Warm, friendly, teacher, hobby, baking, icing, celebration
–Doing the things you love
–”Celebrate every moment”

Social Media Posts

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Ready your mixers and measuring spoons—Batch 01 is now open for registration! Register for Class 01, Class 02 and Class 03 now at

For more info, visit
Call: 1234-567-8912

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Learn baking, experience cake decorating, and enjoy celebrating with new people while doing the things you love (in hats and aprons 🧡)! Register in any baking class now at Batter & Cream!


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Great news, bakers! Selected items from our Batter & Cream Shop are now at 15% OFF for registered students (or those who are yet to register in any class TODAY 🍰)!

Buy what you need at

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Show your love for butter cakes and fondant frostings in Class 02! Enroll now at

For more info, visit
Call: 1234-567-8912

Batter & Cream – Baking and Cake Decorating Class

Batter & Cream – Baking and Cake Decorating Class

Batter & Cream is a baking and cake decorating class. The project focuses on branding, print design, and social media content design.