VANCO is a mock company that promotes and sells chairs with innovative, sleek and sophisticated designs. It has a dummy e-commerce site that gives a modern and "bold sophistication" vibe like the products it supposedly sells. VANCO has three main collections: Log Home, Art Deco and Industrial, all of which are the focus of the graphic design. Photographs used were taken from online free stocks.

Visit the site here.

Role: Graphic designer, Web designer, Web developer

VANCO derives from the Filipino word “bangko” (bang-KO) which means “bench” or something to sit on. The logo is the word "VANCO" with "V" and "A" forming a chair.

Company Objectives:
• To introduce a new line of innovative, minimalist and sophisticated chair designs
• To promote the use of innovative ergonomic chairs to local audiences
• To promote the use of sustainable and eco-friendly resources in chair production

With the tagline “Fresh and Minimal for the Modern Man”, the branding expresses the warm and creative, but minimalist and sophisticated chair designs, and the ambition and confidence the company branding has. For this, the company colors consist of yellow (warm and creative), black (minimalist and sophisticated) and red, with bold typography (ambition and confidence).

Smart, Sophisticated, Warm, Bold, Confident

Words or Phrases to describe VANCO:
–Innovative, ergonomic, warm, comfortable, ambitious, confident
–Style meets comfort meets durability
–”Fresh” and distinctive chair style and function

VANCO business cards show the company’s theme colors and product categories. This is seen in the four versions of the front side. The business cards overall give a minimal, clean design to stay true to its modern and minimalist branding.

Social Media Posts

Post 1 caption:
We are happy to unwrap VANCO's new Ergonomic Chair—LILLY! With double padding and an upgraded structure designed for a daylong sitting behind the table, enjoy your work from home with the best and premium comfort a chair can give!

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Post 2 caption:
"I give it to VANCO for providing every corner of my home the sophisticated comfort at its finest with their products—even more comfortable than they look! Good business, I say!" – Lady Frances of Sakura (2015)

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Post 3 caption:
"The products are most outstanding in quality and convenience. They make with high-quality resources and they are one of a kind to give their customers more than what they pay for." – Tommy Shelby, OBE (2017)

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Post 4 caption:
A NEW BRANCH HAS OPENED at Circuit Makati!

And to celebrate this grand opening, VANCO Circuit Makati branch is giving up to 30% discount on ALL pioneer VANCO chairs and on selected new releases this weekend. Mark your calendars and set your alarms now!

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Post 5 caption:

'Tis a jolly season at VANCO as we give a discount of up to 50% on ALL VANCO CHAIRS from December 21 to January 3. Enjoy a warmer, more comfortable holiday at home on premium seats with your friends and family! Shop now at

Post 6 caption:
Royal Indi is a pioneer and a crowd favorite at VANCO made with South American wicker material and soft velvet cushion with majestic Scandinavian textile design. Resounding all comfort, style and durability, Royal Indi isn't a back-to-back best-seller for nothing!

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VANCO Chair Company


VANCO Chair Company

An ecommerce site for selling chairs - the project focuses on branding, UI/UX and web development