Fresh Kaufee
Kafeen for the Decaft
Fresh Kaufee is a clothing company that I started in 2008. The message behind it all is to inspire the uninspired, yes that's cliche but it's a message that needs to be seen more so than heard. I want to be the example that anyone can be successful at what they love most in life-mainly art because that is the hardest talent in which to achieve success. Since starting this journey, I have gone through numerous logos. At the time of creation, I felt each logo was "the one" only to retract my thoughts soon after. This logo symbolizes the final growth for my brand-clean and simple yet very effective. Graphic Design teaches us that simplistic designs work the best-clutter only makes things hard to understand.  Feel free to check out the website-I am the sole designer for every bit of my company. A good friend of mine made the video clip below though.