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Horsens Middelalderfestival
School project, made in 2019, deadline 7 days

This was my exam project in the end of my first year studying Graphic Communication.The brief was to make a logo, book and poster to celebrate the 25 years anniversary of Horsens Middelalderfestival, one of Europe's biggest medieval festivals.

The project is based on a persona, Axel. Axel loves history and wants to share his interest with his grandson. He doesn't like when historical events get to commercial. He likes workshops and knight battles. He is not on social media and he hates advertisement.

In my project I especially focused on staying authentic and at the same time appealing for children. I wanted the receivers to be entertained, while learning about medieval times. 

In order to stay authentic, I made research about the graphic styles and layouts in medieval times. To set the tone of voice, I made a lot of research on the festival, their values and their history.​​​​​​​
On the left you see my mood board for the layout of the book and on right you see the grid I made in InDesign.
I wanted the logo to show the location, the name of the event and the dates for the anniversary of the festival. I got inspired by medieval wood cuts and coat of arms. 
The building on top of the logo, is an icon I made based on the location Fængslet.
In medieval times colours were a symbol of status. The cheapest colours were green, yellow and brown because they were accessible plant pigments. On the other hand blue and red, were more expensive colours, because the pigments were imported. I chose to use both "cheap" and "expensive" colours, to illustrate that the festival is for everyone, regardless of social status.
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Horsens Middelalderfestival

Horsens Middelalderfestival

Identity for Horsens Middelalderfestival, one of the biggest medieval festivals in Europe.