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    Design and manufacture of a BMW 330ci convertible for tv show.
Digital concept drawings:
These images where some of my design drawings for the "Mi customized ride" tv show.
The program was similar to Chip Foose's tv show where they design a car to be upgraded, then they have people racing each other and while they show the races and challenges, they cut through to scenes where they build the car in the workshop. At the end of the tv show the winner gets the car they built during the show.
I was asked to do all the interior design and I also spent a lot of time in the workshop, handcrafting the rear bumper for the BMW.
The final design we used for this was the all white interior with turquoise trim. 
The car and designs where published twice in Max my ride magazine.
Some photographs of the final car built for Episode 1 of Mi customized ride tv show.