The Design Co.Mission Kit. We sent this to the design studios we commissioned.
Design Co.Mission is a passion project of Plus63 Design Co., a creative studio with a goal to make design matter. We conceptualized this project because we want people to be inspired with new ideas, connect with fellow designers who produce exciting work, and get government onboard to launch these solutions.

Design Co.Mission is a channel for designers to present ideas that can positively impact the way we live. We commission creatives with design challenges on how to improve public services, present new solutions, and strengthen branding - to make what we feel is important not only matter to a select few, but to also change people’s experiences for the better.
To learn more about the project visit the Design Co.Mission website at
The theme was scouting. Inside the kit is custom geometric Carabao Woggle, the Handbook, Rope, Pencil, Compass and Neckerchief.
The cover was also customized, it contained the Design Co.Mission logo, the icon for the studio (Rizal for Team Manila) and the icon for the challenge.
The three boxes
Inside the Kit are the different design briefs for the studios.
You can also view the full pdf of the handbook HERE.
The brief and the handbook
The brief "map" document
The Event Poster
Scout's Oath

There is no problem 
without a solution 
I have that duty to my 
community and nation

Leading with insight and passion 
My hands render with 
craft and precision

The future wakes to our ideal 
I offer my role today, 
as co-creator with zeal

Event Date Materials
Our studio made pin medals to award to the design studios who presented in the event.
Button Pin badges we gave away to the attendees.
Notepad for the attendees.
ID stickers for the volunteers.
Q&A Form
Dry seal for the goody bags
The medal mold
Medal up close
The icon set.
To learn more about the project visit the Design Co.Mission website at
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Design Co.Mission