Risa: a Passion for Chocolates

Risa Chocolate is made with passion.

What started as an exercise in joy, shared with family and friends, has grown into a chocolate company that imbues the same passion and joy in every single creation.

Meticulously handcrafted with the finest ingredients, each product we offer elicits una sonrisa a de la corazon, a smile from the heart.
We did the brand identity and packaging design for Risa.
Plus63 Design Co. did the brand identity redesign of Risa Chocolates. Since Risa is about Passion for chocolates, we incorporated a heart in the custom logotype. 
The first sketches of the logo.
Risa's old logo side by side with the new one.
The logo covered in chocolate powder.
The cacao plant illustrative patterns
The patterns can be found in the packaging.
The patterns in different colors.
Risa, once again
Enjoy the chocolates
Risa: a Passion for Chocolates