VW NBD 2019


Volkswagen New Brand Design 2019

One of the most exciting projects that SBF involved in 2019 was the launch of Volkswagen new brand design. Commissioned by VW and lead agency Auditoire, show production by SBF and collaboration with Acht Studio Germany, and show team Up & Friends. Massive talents gathering at Guangzhou for the new era for Volkswagen, marking a new journey in to pure electric vehicles and ecosystem. We were honored to be involved in one of the world’s largest rebranding campaigns in 2019.


***** Show Highlights Photos ****

***** Opening Show featuring Kinjaz *****

The Power of the “Light”

Light is the new chrome” Powerful opening light show. Performance with interactive lighting (Kinjaz). Using the dancers as an axis to control the room we delivered maximum impact by combining laser interaction with pixel mapping the “light cage”, creating with the KINJAZ and Mike Song a custom piece for the opening.

Layer by layer we build up to the peak of the show.Next is the gauze projection. Floating blades of light “box: in the performers. Heavy haze is cut with laser light reacting to the music. The light show builds to the peak. The vibrant color splits from center stage wiping to the perimeter with laser interaction.

***** Opening Show Style Frames Design ****

***** Finale Show  ****

360° Vibrant Power

The tonality is contemporary and abstract. We blend movement with tracer effects of the dance. Playing with the physical and transferring to the virtual, our audience feels part of the vibrancy as we bring them into our world. This piece is all about attitude. Almost like a cat walk of attitude fused with contemporary dance styles with a interactive light show.

The holo gauze stage is filled with smoke, slowly we fill light in from the sides creating “frame” of gradient light. High art direction characters emerge from the mist towards the holo gauze layer. They are dressed in the new VW brand art direction. They are showcasing the new attitude of the brand. Young, Open, Determined. As they make their way across the stage, they hit poses combined with choreography and the room reacts to these moments.

They create echo effects, tracers of themselves are spreading across the room. Dancers interact with their shadows surrounded with vibrant color. Light is bouncing around the room. Refracted by prism effects on the gauze. We play with light and shadow. This performance is all about setting the attitude of the NBD and finale for the show. Key words emerge from the gauze and spread to the sides as we build up to the climax. The performers assemble in final positions to create the finale picture.

We end on the claim “vibrant power for all”

***** Finale Show Style Frames Design ****

***** Finale Drone & Canton Tower Show ****

900 Drones + Lasers + Canton Tower
"New Volkswagen"

The ultimate highlight of the event, 900 drones & the Canton Tower and an iterative laser show. The lighting show between the venue and Canton Tower will gather all audiences around the ID Cube area. Laser will light up the Canton Tower. At the same time, 900 drones take off from the other side of river and form into a ID.3 car shape. It will drive towards to them. Then all drones are going to showcase their formation of the signature elements of New Volkswagen Design. Drone show will end with 900 drones forming a giant VW logo besides the Canton Tower. This performance will set a magnificent tone for the launch.

***** Done Show Planning Previz *****

***** Stage Concept ****


Full Credits

Client –  Volkswagen
Agency - Auditoire, VokDams
Show Team - Up & Friends
Media Production - Acht Studio & Super Bonfire
Show Creative - Super Bonfire
Stage Concept - Kaism Lim

SBF Team
Creative Director - Kaism Lim
Project Management – Jason Kirby, David Ran
Lead Producer - Vera Zheng

Art Director - Lockyi Chong
Animation / VFX Director - DB Gao
Style Frame Design - Lockyi Chong, Feng Hang, Iris Chen
Lasers Team - Artomation
Lasers Director  - Nils Kudla
Lasers Artist & TD - Bas Verstraelen

CG Leads - Dai, Lulu
Compositors - Lockyi Chong, DB Gao,Yeujian Lim, Min Min, Xiao He,  Madnas, Kaism Lim, Fu Kun,
3D Animation - Dai, Lulu, Jia Zifeng,
Music Production - TaQ (OngaQ, Tokyo)
BTS & Event Montage Editor - Kelvin Leow

Produced at Super Bonfire Group
Production Partner - Moving Apes

Produced at Super Bonfire Group with partners (Moving Apes)


VW NBD 2019