The Rising Hawk
film by John Wynn
Some shots we did
Final battle sequences VFX breakdown
Concept art
We had several fullCG flythourghs establishing shots which required the look development of the area were actions took place and helping the story to explain the geography and logistics of the film. We also had a large amount of shots to do the set extension with cliffs, dam and forests above surrounding it.
horse lookdev used for the crowd warriors

building crowd member armor variations
MoCap session with VFX supervisor on set
some animation samples from mocap
Gorge surrounding landscape for establishing shots.
Once the concepts and sketches were approved we moved on to modeling\sculpting, set dressing and look development. We used some GEO data to build basis topography then we did sculpting to adjust location for our needs. At the final stage we did procedural erosion for extra details.
CG environment evolution : from sculpting to procedural erosions and scattering
We also id lots of optimization of trees assets libraries to make them render faster since our previous shows.
example of tree lowres LOD with both daylight and nighttime light rigs
After we added lowres LODs for all vegetation elements of our Taiga library we did set dressing with it.
final touches for lookdev / set dressing / atmosphere
Gorge, dam and surrounding
We`ve build full CG asset of the gorge and dam based on the onset props and exterior constructions. 
Modeling and lookdev of the location
We have several challenging things to do on this show: water burst with wooden dam destruction and water flow after it`s been destroyed.
we did dam destruction at first
the we did lots of  tests with water sim
director picked the best one
and we`ve started lookdev and lighting
Since the dam was destroyed we`ve got a constant water flow running through the gorge.
that was a long played cache available for render for any camera around the stone where all actions were taking place within 50 shots
Full CG aerials
We did 10 establishing fullCG shots helping director to stitch elements into one story appearing in one region so the audience got a sencs of geography.
Dam Destruction Sequence
Stone Sequence
50+ shots taking place on a single stone in the center of a strong and constant waterflow.
Some extra before&after with live plates
VFX Breakdown
Enjoy all shots we did for this show

Directed by

Produced by    

VFX Supervisor 
Vasiliy Goncharov

Trehmer Film Crew
Konstantin Listratov
Luci  Lisitsyna
July Frolova

VFX Supervisor
Sergey Savenkov

3D Supervisor
Lev Kostin

2D Supervisor
Dmitriy Aleksandrov

Aleksand Alekhin

Vlad Fedosov
Aleksandr Alekseev

Yuri Korshunov

 Animation & Previzes
Andrey Storozhuk

Concept Art
Andrey Cherepanskiy

Pavel Ivanov
Ivan Kulistov

Lev Kostin
Alex Alekhin
Yury Radaev

Vitaliy Artemov
Roman Sazhenov
Alex Alekhin
Artem Sokolov

Dmitriy Aleksandrov
Roman Moiseev
Yury Mamontov
Ed Sharifulin
Dmitry Polbitsyn
Alex Kucherov
Denis Harchenko

The Rising Hawk

The Rising Hawk

Visual effects for the feature film "The Rising Hawk" directed by John Wynn we did at Trehmer Film LTD We Read More

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