Mixed media work. Theme: human forms merging into natural elementals anteralia. 
A chain (from chainsaw) surrounds the cassowary as indicator of boundary in the form of cleared habitat. 
An abstract figure carries cassowary head as indicative of saving species qua species. 
Original marble from which castes were developed for project. 
Feral pigs impact on vulnerable species lossing habitat. Sculpture syncretic as pigawary. 
Bottle cassowary memorialises
the cassowary who confused for bottle for fruit. 
Footprints cassowary abstract, of moving through habitat and making tracks. 
A viewing box with seed dispersed by cassowary embedded inside.
Viewing box two, Carmoo sculpture trail, situated in tropical wetlands Far North Queensland.
Cassowary prints, Carmoo sculpture trail, in steel and marble.
The sculptural process involves both human and natural processes for the form to ostensibly referent as a site specific artifact. 
The formal structure is split though leaves the basic referent intact.
A family resemblance emerges
Steel, seed pods, foot prints interact with the cassowary in emergent, complex interdependent variables. 
A series depicting various representations pertaining to process naturalism. This mimics the process of ecological complex interdependent states. Similar to the relationship with world heritage structures like Borobudur complex these contemporary artist structures are being gradually hidden by jungle growth.  The art style belongs to history painting -istoria- but takes on a reflective contemporary style by token of environmental determinism. So the series reflects on issues like climate change and mass species extinction rather than finding a voice in iconography of a classic period. 
Saving species

Saving species

Series of sculptures that comment on the relation between humans and non human species.


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