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    Portraits of chefs

Here are some pictures I’ve taken over the years of chefs, and in professional kitchens.
I’ve been lucky enough to visit some amazing places. Michel Troisgros’ gleaming establishment in Roanne, Michel Guerard’s beautiful restaurant in Eugenie-les-Bains, Fergus Henderson’s amazing St. John Restaurant in London's Clerkenwell, to name but a few.
I enjoy spending time with Chefs. Maybe it’s the solitary nature of photography, but I love the team buzz that goes on. I love the contrast between the hot, hard work behind the scenes and the quiet perfection ‘front of house’. The concentration. The dedication. The knowledge that, keen amateur cook that I am, I would not last a single day under that pressure.
Ben Tish, Executive Chef for the Saltyard group, London
 At Restaurant Troisgros, Roanne, France
Michel Troisgros instructing his staff, Restaurant Troisgros, Roanne, France
in the kitchens at Michel Guerards 'Les Pres dEugenie', Eugenie les Bains, France
Javier Berdugo, Parillas del Norte, Conil, Spain
David Symonds preparing Rye Bay scallops, The Place, Camber Sands
Under pressure, Restaurant Troisgros, Roanne, France
Preparing 'wine caviar' for the Bistro 1860, Hotel Marques de Riscal, La Rioja, Spain
St. John Restaurant, Clerkenwell, London
Michel Guerard in his kitchen at 'Les Pres d'Eugenie', Eugenie les Bains, France
Behind the scenes service at Restaurant Troisgros, Roanne, France
Fergus Henderson at his Restaurant St. John, Clerkenwell, London
Jamie Lee Thickett, Head Chef, the Opera Tavern, London
Michel Barbier, Chef Patron, Le Lion d'Or, Arcins, Bordeaux, France
Before service, St. John Restaurant, Clerkenwell, London
St. John Restaurant, Clerkenwell, London
Xavier Franquet at Michel Guerard's 'Les Pres d'Eugenie', France and the kitchen at Restaurant Troisgros, Roanne, France
St. John Restaurant, Clerkenwell, London
St. John Restaurant, Clerkenwell, London
In the pastry kitchen, St. John Bread & Wine, London