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    School project assignment. Package a CD or DVD with sustainability in mind.
The Moonshine Collective was a project inspired by an idol of mines - international music-artist and former pro-surfer Jack Johnson. It is uncommonly known that Jack was pursuing career in film early in his life when he entered college and before he broke into the music industry. Together with his longtime surfing friends they developed a collective known as The Moonshine Conspiracy, which was later renamed to The Moonshine Conspiracy Records that in turn produced the soundtrack for the Woodshed Films. Jack had a major role in Woodshed Films, and took part in co-directing three major surf-documentary films:
Thicker Than Water, The September Sessions, and A Brokedown Melody
I wanted to share these collection of films and expose them to fans who aren't familair with this curious side of Jack. Thus, I crafted a "special/limited edition" DVD package that I dubbed The Moonshine Collective.
The packaging was inspried by the look of an ukulele - a favored instrument played in many of Jack's songs. On the front plate, engraved in the wood is Jack Johnson's logo.