Financial Company
— Advertisement campaign

Not so long ago our studio took part in creation of a series of prints for an advertising campaign of one financial company. Our task was to develop a concept for two keywords from scratch and create advertising prints using CGI. We are happy to share with you the results of our work.

Production: Fiero Animals
Art-direction: Nikolay Kvartnikov, Eugene Sidelnikov
Retouching, compositing, grading: Eugene Sidelnikov, Nikolay Kvartnikov
3d visualization: Eugene Sidelnikov, Nikolay Kvartnikov
3d modeling and 3d scene creation: Sergey Pereskokov, Dmitriy Konovalov, Andrey Lavrishchev, Nikolay Kvartnikov, Eugene Sidelnikov

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In the first image we are showing the logo of the company. Each letter consists of a set of elements typical for a particular location, such as England, the Arab Emirates, China, France, Monaco.

Clay render 1:

At the beginning we made a very detailed sketches to understand what kind of assets and 3d models we would need and how it would look in general. Sketch 1:

And here are some close-ups:

The second image shows the countries and places where the company's offices are located.

Clay render 2:

Sketch 2:


The final images:
Financial Company. CGI