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Between The Dots | Augmented Reality

Between The Dots

A Participative Augmented Reality Installation, Performance & Playground


Between The Dots is an immersive augmented reality experience with elements of dance, choreography, performance arts, participation, emergent behaviour and audience agency that aims to connects a group of 20 (or more) people in a playful space where they get to be part of a performance as observers as well as actors themselves if they wish to.


The nature of the technology that was used to build the experience allows us to perform both in the most traditional of venues and also in out of the ordinary spaces. The mobility of the compatible devices allowing a lot of freedom with workable constraints. Technologies such as Apple's ARKit, Google's ARCore and the Unity3D engine are used as the basic foundation onto which a rich set of interactions are built to create a play space that can be both performed as a choreography and explored as an installation allowing people to create with their own agency and discover the agency of others too.


Using networking techniques traditionally employed in multiplayer gaming, we are able to connect every participant, observer and performer in a space where real and virtual co-exist. One can observe the mastery of movement a performer at work can display but using the same capabilities can also see their own interactions create a communal space for all to explore.


The project premiered at the Dance Munich Festival in May of 2019 where over 300 participants were able to experience the piece over the lapse of the week of the festival. It was later shown in Montreal at the Wilder Building for Dance in September of 2019 for the Journées de la Culture where people of all walks of life and all ages were able to playful engage in the world of the arts and performance all across the city.

The project's next destination will be Monaco in March of 2020 during the Festival Printemps des Arts de Monte Carlo where it will again be shown to a public of art and technology curious festival goers.

Composition & Sound
Zack Settel

Dance Performance & Choreography
Peter Trosztmer

Programming & Interaction Design
Osman Zeki
Between The Dots | Augmented Reality

Between The Dots | Augmented Reality

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