City acupuncture
Reciepe for better city
Architektura Murator Magazine competition
authors: Krzysztof Bolek, Rafal Stachowicz, Maciej Jozefiak
1st prize

Reciepe for better city
Components: 1 city, good intentions, 2x paint can, paintbrushes, gardening tools, abrasive paper...
1) Searching untidy, ruined, forgotten spaces (doesn't take much time:);
2) Isolate short space to care;
3) Fix it
4) Waiting for people's reactions
Expected results:
1) Interests passerbys and local community
2) Show them how them surrounding area can look like
3) Stimulate people to similar activity on a large scale

exmaple one
example two
range of activities
any city
competition panel
example three