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Emergency Homes and Service Buildings For Areas Under Nature Disasters
This project is result of worrying about vulnerable human settlements to dangerous nature elements in Mexican Lands. The buildings were designed to placed over places damaged by water. As it is known,  Mexico coasts and cities and states near to them are damaged year by year. Great floods commonly are viewed.  

Every building can be transported easily in packages by earth and air to an assured site and out of danger. Once in place, the package over ground is separated in parts and start settling up every building. This last ones are built by typed units (one typed units is about 15 m2) which are the basic structure. About weight, every typed unit weighs about 1 Ton because of material. Ceilling, floor, basic structure and complementary structures are made of polyethylene which provides resistance, durability, and lightness. Only little accesories and foundation piles are made of steal.  

Two-Typed Units House
One-Typed Unit Sanitary Unit
Ten-Typed Unit Stock Center
Eight-Typed Unit Medical Unit

Assembling Process
Proceso de Ensamblaje
Typed Unit
Unidad Tipo

Vivienda de dos unidades tipo
Eight-Typed Unit Medical Unit
Unidad Medica de 8 Unidades Tipo

Centro de Acopio de diez Unidades Tipo
One-Typed Unit Sanitary Unit
Unidad Sanitaria de una unidad tipo