• Girls Inc. is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to the social and emotional growth of young girls. Their motto: “Inspiring all girls to become strong, smart and bold.” Girls Inc. has a strong message and a consistent following. I work with them on external and internal pieces to bring cohesion to their visual communications and broaden their outreach.
    Muddpuppy has worked with Girls Inc. on communication and publication pieces for internal and external audiences. Our goal with Girls Inc. has been to communicate consistently the strength of their vision and the inspiring stories of their participants.
  • The branding and interactive design pieces we develop for Girls Inc. provide a visual narrative that emphasizes key messages and encourage overall support for the organization. Throughout the pieces we have designed, viewers are introduced to the organization with bold photography highlighting the girls and staff involved in the programs. This strong engaging photography is combined with graphic elements to reflect the continual growth of the communities. The materials we designed for the 2010 national conference pictured below and the online annual report shown at the top are examples of this approach.
  • During our time with Girls Inc., Muddpuppy has developed fundraising guides, family awards books, invitations for events, and various sections of their internal website. We continue to work with them as the organization grows and continues to spread their message to young people across the country. Our close attention to the voice of the organization, coupled with our ability to synthesize and organize information in effective visual design, has served to support the Girls Inc. mission.