• Sense Health is a start up that launched in late June. Sense Health helps health care professionals efficiently improve the support they give patients in between appointments. Support is delivered through customizable mobile care plans that help people get and stay healthy. I have been working with the team on their minimum viable product (MVP). The team consisting of founders, YD technology, and advisors (Steven Dean, partner at Prehype) works collaboratively on the product and marketing materials. We have shared wireframes, models and stories from the beginning to define the user experience, prioritize features, and explore design possibilities. I have been responsible for the visual design and contributing to the overall user experience. The visual design work has included pitch decks, demos, product UI and marketing screens. 
    The start up was chosen to be part of THE HIVE this year at TEDMED, where the response was overwhelmingly positive and now the team continues to to collaborate creating, testing and interating to improve the experience.